Digital designer and developer

Based in the rolling hills of West Yorkshire, I build and design visually striking digital products such as websites that deliver a profressional online experience to users, with the ultimate goal of helping businesses grow.
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About me
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Producing results with an outstanding creative flare

I hold a film belief design is the art of solving problems with creativity. Providing digital solutions to help clients grow, solutions that not only look beautiful, but are designed and built with the fierce intent of making your business leave competitors in the dust.

What do I do?

From concept to development, my skillset lies in all things digital. How does that translate to you? Please visit the about page to find out more.

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It's not just a job.
My craft is a hobby.

View the latest projects I've been dedicating my spare time to.
Featured Projects
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My latest handpicked projects

A minimal website and brand for a forward thinking sole trader. Now utilising his website to help grow his business.
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Client: SGS electrical
Design, Development & Branding
A website for a Personal Trainer. A quick turnaround with the slimming season fast approaching.
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Client: Fell Row
Design, Development & Branding
Impactful website and brand implemented under tight deadlines to help the business grow purely through PPC.
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Client: Premier Washing Machine Hire
Design, Development & Branding
An electrical business with the aim to promote greener electrical solutions.
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Client: EcoSpark
Design, Development & Branding
These are only a few selected projects. Not seen something you can relate to yet? Try the projects page, see if there's anything there that you can relate to, and see if we can achieve the same for you.
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Callum Ward
Founder of EcoSpark

"John-Luke did a fantastic job of our site, very happy with the results, and the SEO service that was added which started bringing in the phone calls almost immediately!"

Sam Shaw
Manager at SGS

"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced."

Peter Gajic
Owner, Premier Washing Machine Hire

"Professionals in their craft! All products were super great with strong attention to details, and overall vibe"

Bakhtiyar Sattarov
UI/UX Designer

"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced."


— I've worked with
Working with great people is a great part of my job. Here a few of my favourites.
Hull College Group
Sam Brown Personal Training
Fresh Property Group
SGS Electrical Contractors