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Found at the crossroads of art and technology, digital design is the most direct pathway to growing your brand, building your business and creating engaging digital experiences.
About me
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Iā€™m John-Luke and I deliver creative solutions that drive real results.

As a digital designer, I passionately believe in the infinite potential that can be harnessed through all visual mediums. I believe in creating elegant digital solutions that are both beautifully functional and visually stunning. From simple and direct holding pages, to intricate and complex multipage websites and everything in between, I deliver innovative, beautiful and functional digital design that makes a lasting impression on your clients.
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How can I help?

Throughout years of experience, exposure and education, I have learned that building a robust digital brand can help your audience expand and your business grow.

I believe that each business has a unique tone, personality and audience. I believe each client deserves digital design solutions that are tailormade and fully customised to their organisation. I believe that through relationship building and clear communication, my digital design talents and expertise can help your business break through to a higher level of success by reaching and appealing to a wider customer base.
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My passion for digital design
is matched only by my
commitment to creating visual
development tools that help
businesses grow.

Web Design
Graphic Design
UI Design
UX Design
Art Direction
More of what I do
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Web design

Sophisticated and engaging web design is crucial for growth and success in business today. Elegant web design strikes the delicate balance between engaging visuals and seamless functionality for your customer. Unique to your brand and tailormade to your audience, I can construct a website that perfectly blends stunning imagery with an incredible user experience designed to build your audience.
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Engaging visually
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Bespoke and handcrafted
UI design process

UI Design

Creating a simple, direct and fully integrated online experience for your client is one of the most efficient and effective way to grow your business and boost sales. User-Integrated design seamlessly melds elegant visual design with every aspect of your business into a single user interface that offers simple navigation for your clients.
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Simple and intuitive design
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User friendly
Development process


While beautiful digital design is critical to capturing your audience, it is only one facet of the much more complex pathway to establishing your online presence. I build clean, smooth and fully scalable code that ensures your website performs brilliantly. The results? A seamless online experience for your customers and a vastly improved impression that boosts your bottom line.
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Seamless functionality
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Clean and performant
Graphic design process

Graphic Design

Innovative and impactful digital design is critical in establishing the brand of your business. First impressions matter in a competitive market and if your business fails to instantly capture the intrigue of your potential clients, your business will remain stagnant. I deliver graphic design solutions that bolster your brand, captivate your audience and generate a better impression of your business.
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Innovative and impactful
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Professional first impressions
Who do I work with?
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Need a refresh?
Whether you're already established or new business that is building their online presence for the first time, I will help you build your brand and audience through creative digital design.
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Sole Traders

Sole Traders
1 man bands
Expanding and boosting the online presence of a small trader is crucial for sustained growth. I create customised strategies to help take sole traders to the next level of success.
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Launch into digital space
Start-Ups require a special level of care, attention and planning to effectively launch and build their online audience. I deliver creative digital solutions that help new businesses thrive.


ā€” I've worked with
Working with great people is a great part of my job. Here a few of my favourites.
Hull College Group
Sam Brown Personal Training
Fresh Property Group
SGS Electrical Contractors