Digital design is where art and technology meet. Utilising this we can grow your brand by building engaging digital experiences.

About me
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Producing results with an outstanding creative flare.

Hi, my names John-Luke. Digital Designer. My craft is designing and building all things digital (and print), from a simple single holding page to a complex multipage website which applies all level of usability.

How can I help?

Utilising the web and building your digital brand can help your business grow, and I've come to understand this through exposure and experience.

How can I help you? We can work together and build a relationship, one where we work together to help your business grow and reach the next level through digital growth and expansion, helping you to reach and appeal to clients and customers you weren't previously able to.
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In love with exploring
digital. Which is why I cover
so many areas. See below for
a more indepth explanation.

Digital Design
Graphic Design
Art Direction
Digital Marketing
What I do
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Digital design

Digital design is where art and technology meet. Striking a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic is a craft. With great attention to detail and a completely bespoke approach, we strike the balance along with fitting your scope.

With this in mind, this packs a punch in converting users to customers that will help grow your business.
Beautiful & elegant
Functional & user friendly


Beauty is only the drop in the ocean when it comes to digital. I build clean websites that perform brilliantly, smooth and fluid taking pride in writing scalable and highly efficient code.

What does this translate to? A positive user experience, giving them a better impression of your business.
100% responsive & mobile friendly
Built with love

Graphic design

Brand is your first port of call to visual communication, leaving your first impression. I can help you form a strategy that conveys a clear and strong message to clients across multiple platforms, both digital and print.

Beginning the process by identifying and understanding yours and your users needs, we form the strategy which will help to push your business goals.
Brand strategy
Print design

Digital marketing

It's all well and good having a great digital experience and brand strategy, but with no one to see it your business can take much longer to grow.

Management of your digital channels, Search Engine Optimisation and paid ads can be a great way to make your name known to the world. I can help you in early stages of digital marketing, paving the way for large scale growth.
End to end service
The next steps in growth
Who do I work with?
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Need a refresh?
If you already have an existing website you feel could be improved, I’d love to hear from you. Working with established companies of all sizes to provide them with creative digital solutions.

Sole Traders

Sole Traders
1 man bands
Helping small traders to reach their next level. Working with sole traders to help them Create a digital solution so that the work finds its way to them.


Launch into digital space
I work with startups who are just finding their feet to launch them into the digital space. I’m a believer in building relationships and look for companies who I can work with long term.


— I've worked with
Working with great people is a great part of my job. Here a few of my favourites.
Hull College Group
Sam Brown Personal Training
Fresh Property Group
SGS Electrical Contractors